Anamorphic Flare & Bokeh Purple Full Frame Set 37 58 85 135 Silver


Silver Soviet Vintage Lens Arri PL mount
  • Has excellent technical characteristics
  • Made out of glass and metal only, build like a tank
  • Has rich history, based on Carl Zeiss optical formulas
  • Unique opportunity to meet the legend

This will meet all your creative needs!

This modifications creates blue anamorphic flares and anamorphic style oval bokeh, which works particularly well for sci-fi and action films!

  • Lens is fully ready to use
  • Lens looks like new
  • Have DE-CLICK aperture
  • Smooth focus
  • Lenses have metal focus & iris gears
  • Lenses have front and rear caps
  • Lenses come with an carry case
  • Focusing in full range, including infinity
  • Glasses have small traces of use
  • Inside there is no dust
  • Aperture blades free of oil
  • Have front screw filter size 77mm and outcide diameter 80mm
  • The lens has undergone cleaning and testing by the qualified master.


MIR-1B 37mm F2.8

This lens very popular wide/mid-range lens, same as Mir-20 was also closely based on Zeiss Flektogon equivalent.
It’s a favourite lens of many thanks to its incredible flares, if that is your thing (see 00:45 & 01:23 for a few examples of those flares).
This lens also has one big downside: the closest focusing distance of just 0.70m making it somewhat unusable for capturing proper close-ups.
If you want to learn a bit more about this lens, make sure to check out my review.


Min Focusing Distance: 0.7m
Angle of View (FF): 60°
Focus Throw: Approx. 270°
Aperture Blades: 8
Aperture Range: F2.8 – F16
Weight (with mods): 311g

58/2 HELIOS 44-2

Best vintage lens: small, cheap, far from perfect, but incredible in so many ways.
There are many versions of this lens with the 44-2 model being the most common.
All versions though were based on the amazing Zeiss’s Biotar 58mm, which explains why Helios 58mm is so well regarded.
It’s always the first lens I recommend to anyone wishing to try out vintage lenses.
It pretty much has it all including the beautiful dreamy flares, very unique swirly bokeh and a great sharpness (providing you get lucky with your copy).
Minimum focusing distance is 0.50m, so gets you pretty nice close-ups with this lens, making it very popular for mid/close portrait shots.


Min Focusing Distance: 0.5m
Angle of View (FF): 40°
Focus Throw: Approx. 270°
Aperture Blades: 8 (13 blade version exist and IronGlass can install a 16 blade version)
Aperture Range: F2.8 – F16
Weight (with mods): 319g


JUPITER-9 85mm F2

This lens competes the very popular Soviet Trio (37mm 58mm 85mmm).
This one based on Zeiss Sonnar equivalent and shares most of the characteristics with the other 2 lenses it’s often used with.
One of its coolest features is the 15 blade aperture, which keeps that bokeh nice and round at any F-stop.
Even though at 0.8m its minimum focusing distance is not outstanding, it’s great for really tight “bohehlicios” shots.
The only reason I don’t use it more is that I love my Helios 44 so much!


Min Focusing Distance: 0.8m
Angle of View (FF): 28°
Focus Throw: Approx. 250°
Aperture Blades: 15
Aperture Range: F2 – F16
Weight (with mods): 474g

JUPITER-37A 135mm F3.5

Sensor Size: 24×36 mm Full Frame
Focal length: 135mm
Aperture: 1:3.5
Minimum Focusing Distance: 1.2 metters
Focus ring rotates 270 degrees
Viewing angle: 18 degrees
Diaphragm scale: from 2 to 22
Quantity of petals of a diaphragm: 12
Inside: 4 glasses in 3 groups
Modul Focus & Iris gears: 0.8
Weight: 560 gramm

Weight 7.5 kg

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