When you use the site https://anamorfakelens.com from a computer or any mobile device, our website collects information about your visit and the actions performed on the site using cookies. Therefore, we warn you in advance so that you have the opportunity to accept or refuse them.

What are cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data that our website sends to the browser of the device you are using when you visit an online store. We only send you our own cookies, so to protect your privacy, the browser you use will only allow you to access them on our website. That is, we will not have access to cookies sent to you by other websites.

What types of cookies do we use

We use performance cookies. They collect information about the actions performed by the user on the site. For example, which pages were visited most often. These cookies do not collect personal information about the user. All data collected by cookies is purely statistical in nature.

The cookies collected by our resource can be of two types:

Session. They remain in the browser only when you visit the site and are deleted after you close the browser. Thus, the next time you visit our store, the site will treat you as a new user.

Permanent. These cookies remain in the browser you are using until you manually delete them, or until the browser itself deletes them (this depends on the time period set in the cookie). These cookies enable our website to recognize you as a unique visitor each time you visit our online store.

What we use cookies for

Since cookies store information about the user’s actions on the site, they allow us to keep statistics on traffic to the online store, optimize the site and make it more convenient for you. Cookies also help to facilitate communication with each user. At the same time, all information collected in this way is completely confidential, and we never transfer it to third parties.

How cookies can be managed

Each user can enable or disable the storage of cookies on our website in their browser. You can also view their content or manually delete cookies. It should be borne in mind that disabling cookies may adversely affect the usability of our website. All cookie management functions can be found in the help system of your browser.

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